A new school option for curious learners built by gifted teachers

Opening at The Gifted Collective in August 2024

Imagine a place where children have their curiosity not just tolerated but encouraged. A place where an expert, caring teacher has a small class of learners, and has the time to get to know each individual and the freedom to tailor the curriculum to meet their learning needs. That place is here!

See what makes us different!

Teacher with student

Experienced Teachers

Built & staffed by fully certified, gifted-endorsed teachers


Is Gifted Microschool a good fit for my child?


Curriculum & Grading

We focus on the actual learning and the joy it brings

Class Size

Small classes allow for more focus on individual needs and building relationships



Applications open May 1st

We are still in the planning stages and are seeking input from our founding group of families, but here is the direction we are heading in different areas:

  • A four day school week (Monday-Thursday)
  • A school day of around 5 hours per day
    • 8:30-1:30 or 9:00-2:00 ish
  • Starting around August 7th

Items we still need to decide on:

  • School Calendar (Holidays, breaks, last day of school, etc.)
  • Field trips

Please note that as we continue working with families and getting to know the children, this will adjust as needed.

Our home is The Gifted Collective