A new school option for curious learners built by gifted teachers

Coming to Scottsdale/ North Phoenix in 2024

Imagine a place where children have their curiosity not just tolerated but encouraged. A place where an expert, caring teacher has a small class of learners, and has the time to get to know each individual and the freedom tailor the curriculum to meet their learning needs. That place is coming.

Teacher with student

Experienced Teachers

Built by experienced gifted educators and staffed by fully certified, gifted-endorsed teachers.

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Enriching Curriculum

Honoring all curious minds through gifted engagement techniques, student choice, etc.

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Small Class Size

Our class size of 10-16 multiage students.

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Enrollment & Funding Support

A small private school with funding from the Arizona ESA program to make it affordable to all.

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Our Philosophy

Is Gifted Microschool a good fit for my child?

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Gifted Microschool is part of The Gifted Collective coming to the Scottsdale area in 2023. We are currently looking at properties along the 101 in Scottsdale.

The Gifted Collective

We are excited to be part of The Gifted Collective!

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