About Us


We are proud to be part of The Gifted Collective! Located at 41st St & Greenway, which is just east of the 51 Freeway.

Our Vision

Our school is a small, independent community of professionals that meet the various needs of gifted, neurodivergent and curious learners. We are a community of inclusive, passionate teachers that encourage a passion for learning that is free from bureaucracy, incessant test taking, and forced curriculum that rarely ever meets the needs of divergent learners. Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves; they believe in supporting the whole child and creating a space free from disruptions that don’t support the learning process. Our vision is that children who learn with us will look forward to school and will want to meet the challenges presented with passion and excitement! 

Gifted Teaching Philosophy

Gifted teaching is good teaching! It is getting to know the whole child and supporting them on their learning path. Not all children in a class are at the same level, have the same background knowledge, strengths, areas of struggle, desires, etc. We differentiate curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of the child. We can do this successfully because we have highly skilled, experienced, qualified, caring teachers, who are used to thinking out of the box, teaching multiple levels, and meeting a variety of needs. The teachers are supported as the professionals they are, and have a small class size as well as the flexibility and autonomy to support the children in their care.

We encourage children to take ownership of their learning, accelerate or go deep into curriculum that interests them, make connections, build on concepts and research their passions. Teachers guide them through the standards and learning goals, but allow and encourage children to have input not only in how they want to learn, but in many cases, what they learn.

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Private School Classification –

Gifted Microschool is a private school and can not take every family who applies for enrollment. We are looking for children who will be a good fit with our practices and philosophy, and we have an enrollment process to help ensure we are a good fit for your child and family.