Microschools are small, multiage private schools that can be funded through private or ESA funds set up through the state of Arizona. We will be adding our enrollment process forms in early Fall 2023, but an interest list is available here.


If you believe your child is a good fit according to the student traits and our philosophy on our philosophy page. Please see the application process below.

Application Process

Step 1: Paper Screening

  • Application
  • Parent Survey Form (Link posting in Fall 2023)
  • Teacher Survey Form (Link posting in Fall 2023)
    • These can be form anyone (other than parent/guardian) who has taught, tutored, coached the child in anything.
  • If the applicant passes the paper screening, you will be invited to Step 2

Step 2: Parent/Guardian Interview

  • A link will be sent to schedule an interview time
    • What to bring:
      • Most recent student report card
      • Portfolio of student work
        • The does not have to be expensive. Try to find some example of some things your child does well, and areas they need more support in
      • Gifted identification scores (Not required but recommended)
      • Anything else that helps us get to know your child (without the child being there)
  • If the applicant passes step 2, you will be invited to Step 3.

Step 3: Student Observation/Screening

  • A link will be sent to schedule a time
  • Students will work through learning tasks with one of our educators and tour the facility (approximately 45-60 min)
  • Additionally, they may be able to observe or participate in a lesson, when school is running

ESA Funding

ESA funds allow any parent or guardian to fund education alternatives for their school-age child. This includes helping with private school tuition.

  • ESA Pays funds to parents each quarter (July, October, January, & April)
  • ESA typically covers $6,800 per year, but that can vary based on age, and needs of the child served.
  • If your child has diagnosed special needs, ESA may provide additional funding to pay for the support services they need.

For more information on the ESA program:


  • Application Fee – $50 (Students do not have to reapply each year)
  • Yearly Registration Fee – TBA
    • This covers many of the enrollment costs and initial classroom materials to start the school year
  • Enrollment:
Per Year (August-May)Per Month (Ten Months)
If using ESAIf using ESA
ESA typically pays out $6800
$3200 out of pocket
ESA typically pays out $680
$320 out of pocket
Any additional supports for special learning needs will be handled on an individual basis.

  • We understand this is a significant financial commitment. However, we hope that with the ESA funding it is achievable for all of our families. 
  • This funding amount is the minimum for us to be able to pay our staff, cover facilities, and run our unique program. Because we have such a small class size and want to do many unique things, we are going to look for other funding sources as well as donations to supplement tuition fees.
  • We will also be asking for families to help us find donations and funding as well as occasionally purchase supplies and materials for some projects and activities. Those will be communicated in advance and we appreciate anything our families can do.