Class Size, Structure, & Schedules

We are very open to input from our beginning families and teacher when it comes to the calendar we create as well as exact time the school opens and closes. Below is the direction we are looking at.

Class Size –

We will cap enrollment at no more than 16.

Opening Date –

Will be in the first full week of August 2024.


Grade Levels Served –

We will open for children in grades 3-8. (We can make exceptions for 2nd graders who are strong applicants.) Our goal would be to eventually offer a class/microschool for grades 2-4 and a class for grades 5-8 at our location. 


Because we…

  1. Have a small class size
  2. Have only one (or two classes)
  3. Have a select community who benefit from our teaching model
  4. Get to know our students and only teach them what we know they need
  5. A strict behavior system 
  6. Integrate “Specials Classes” (Art, Music, & P.E.) into our Flexible Learning Block and Student Exploration times

We do not need as much time as a typical school to get through the curriculum each day and year.

Our Daily Schedule –

Each day we will have a morning meeting, Math, English, Student Exploration (individualized learning time), lunch, brain break/mindfulness, as well as a large Flexible Learning Block.

The Flexible Learning Block –

Teachers build units of learning that incorporate Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, & Writing into projects, thematic units, hands on learning, etc. Some units will be for the whole class, differentiated for ability/grade, and others will be in small groups. Teachers will also build choice and take into account student interests to build these units.

Days –

We are currently considering 4 day school week. 

Times –

TBA – We are considering something like 9:00am-2:00pm or similar

We will also be partnering with The Gifted Collective to allow scheduling of before and after school activities for children who want to participate or for families who need longer learning days. Students enrolled in the Gifted Microschool will receive a discount on all enrichment courses at The Gifted Collective!